Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The awesomeness that is....


I bought these prints from Chuck Hodi on ETSY a couple weeks ago and I have just been falling more and more in love with them!

Zombie Golden Girls - Chuck Hodi

LOVE. So much. Everything about these are perfect. Their expressions are spot on. I love the colours and little details such as Estelle's brooch and Rue's earrings. I love them so much I hung them on the wall right above my bed (next to a painting I bought from his girlfriend Christie/bastet2329 that I also LOVE.) Next on my list from Chuck is a commission portrait of my kitty, Spike, and some of his awesome animal-humans!

The prints are great quality and look fantastic in person. You get all 4 girls in 5x7 prints for $15.00, which is an amazing deal. He shipped them suuuper fast and was very nice in our communications.

So yes, go. Go forth and buy awesome art!

Chuck's ETSY and Facebook